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Craven ‘Karibib’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


After only receiving a minute amount of this wine from the 2018 harvest (the first), we are pleased to say we have much more this year. Like the Chenin Blanc, it is from the Karibib Farm (remember that name), this allows the Cravens to pick earlier (12.5%) yet avoid excessive greenness that can be prevalent in many other Cabernet wines. Like in 2018 fermented including 100% of the stems. The wine still delivers all the Cabernet flavours you would expect, but it doesn’t come with the 15% alc.

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Working exclusively with Stellenbosch WO, this couple have been making Craven since 2013. All their wines are mono-varietal and there is no blending between vineyards. Their goals are purity, freshness and balance – there is minimal interference with the grapes once they reach the cellar. They do not own any vineyards, but by far most of the Cravens’ efforts throughout the year is in the vineyards and working with the farmers from whom they buy their fruit. In our opinion Mick and Jeanine are producing some of the most exciting wines coming out of Stellenbosch







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