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Craven Pinot Gris 2022


A favourite of ours: the skin-fermented Craven Pinot Gris. Copper-coloured, uber-aromatic, super-refreshing and straight-up delicious.

In the words of Mick & Jeanine Craven:
“Pinot Gris isn’t exactly an abundant grape planted in Stellenbosch, but it is something we have a lot of fun working with. Although a lot of the wine drinking world think and assume it is a ‘white grape’, it is in fact a lovely coppery/dark rose skinned grape.

“With this being the case, we just can’t waste that colour and delicious flavour trapped in the skins, so we ferment this wine like a red. The 2022 vintage saw a significant change in vinification. This year it was fermented and aged 100% in concrete tanks. The grapes were destemmed into the concrete tanks and given a light pump over once a day for gentle extraction of the lovely rose-coloured hue and chalky tannin. 2022 had such nice, developed tannins that we found only 6 days on skins was sufficient to give ample texture to the wine. The wine was then drained and pressed into the concrete tanks for a further 6 months of elevage.”

Ingredients: Grapes, SO2.

100% Pinot Gris
W.O Stellenbosch Vineyard: Newlands Planting Year: 2007 Grown by: Deon Joubert Soil: “Koffeeklip” Alcohol: 12.05 %
pH: 3.66
Total Acidity: 5.2 g/L”

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Working exclusively with Stellenbosch WO, this couple have been making Craven since 2013. All their wines are mono-varietal and there is no blending between vineyards. Their goals are purity, freshness and balance – there is minimal interference with the grapes once they reach the cellar. They do not own any vineyards, but by far most of the Cravens’ efforts throughout the year is in the vineyards and working with the farmers from whom they buy their fruit. In our opinion Mick and Jeanine are producing some of the most exciting wines coming out of Stellenbosch







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