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JH Meyer Signature Wines ‘Carbonic’ Pinot Noir 2021


WO Elgin
Single vineyard wine, 100% Pinot Noir out of Elgin. As the name suggests carbonic maceration plays a huge role in this wine. Whole clusters (uncrushed) sealed in a tank for spontaneous fermentation with no oxidation. This preserves the primary fruit and perfume of the fruit with less extraction. Pale, electric and exciting.
A precise and perfumed wine with lovely bright fruit and fine texture.

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Motivated by his many travels to New Zealand, California and Burgundy, Johan (aka Stompie) searches for vineyards to produce the best South Africa can offer; his focus is Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. His production techniques deliberately attempt to show off the unique characteristics of the land from which each wine was grown to “remain true to the terroir”. He has recently bought a farm on the Piketberg mountain in northern Swartland and has started planting vines in virgin soil.







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