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Pieter Ferreira ‘Rosé’ 2013


VINEYARD AND SOILS: Pinot Noir grapes were selected from various sites in the Cape’s Elgin and the Slanghoek Valley regions, as the objective to make a terroir-driven Cap Classique. The intriguing combination
on these sites consists of decomposed granite, Table Mountain Sandstone and weathered shales.
WINEMAKING PHILOSOPHY & WINEMAKER’S COMMENTS: The 2013 vintage was a splendidly mild season with the Pinot Noir reaching beautiful ripeness levels. This maiden release Rosé offers harmonious balance exuding ripe fruit characters, an edge of perfume and restrained elegance. The parcels of Pinot Noir were hand-picked, each bunch undergoing a stringent selection process. Prior to pressing the whole bunches were subjected to a brief period of enzymatic colour extraction to draw a gorgeous natural
hue from the red skins before pressing. The grapes were pressed, followed by the separation of the cuvée from the taille before the clear juice was fermented in stainless steel. After the first fermentation, the wine was prepared for secondary fermentation in the bottle. The wine was allowed to live on the lees for six years before the sediment was removed through the traditional process of remuage and dégorgement. The bottles were then corked and laid down for a further six months cork maturation.
TASTING NOTES: A refined, salmon colour with a fine beady mousse. Delicate yeasty tones, layered with red berry fruit such as cherries and raspberries. Fine and well-integrated mousse and a persistent bead. Great vibrant mouth-feel with creamy texture and layered long lingering finish.

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Pieter is chairman of the Cap Classique Producers Association and both he and Ann have always been passionate about bubbly. Pieter has been instrumental at Graham Beck for decades and his dedication and craftsmanship has seen him reap countless high profile awards both locally and abroad.

The first vintage of Pieter Ferreira Cap Classique was released in 2019.







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