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Pieter Ferreira ‘Vintage Rosé’ 2015


Cultivar: Pinot Noir
Origin of Grapes: 82% Stellenbosch 12% Stanford Alcohol: 12.41%vol
RS: TA: pH:
3.85g/l – Extra Brut 7.04g/l
The grapes originate from various sites in the Stellenbosch and Stanford wine regions selected for their renowned ability to provide terroir-expressive Pinot Noir for Cap Classique production. Diverse soil compositions include ancient decomposed granite with some Table Mountain Sandstone.
The Cape Winelands 2015 vintage is a brilliant vintage – known as a ‘rockstar’ year for wine – due to mild, temperate conditions during the growing season which allowed for even-ripening of grapes. These beautiful ripeness levels in the Pinot Noir allowed for a wine offering a bright fresh acidity between the layers of structured complexity. This Rosé offers wonderful balance, energetic freshness meeting ripe fruit and berry-perfume, all cloaked in elegance and restraint. Only the best Pinot Noir grapes were selected and then hand-picked. Prior to pressing, the whole bunches were allowed a brief, fleeting period of enzymatic colour extraction to draw sufficient natural colour from the red skins. The whole-bunches were gently pressed, with the separation of cuvée from the taille after which the clear juice was fermented in stainless steel. After the first fermentation, the wine was prepared for secondary fermentation in the bottle. The wine was left on the lees for 72 months before the sediment was removed in the traditional process of remuage and dégorgement. The bottles were then corked and laid down for a further six months cork maturation.
Attractive pale salmon pink with a touch of golden hue. Persistent and delicate bead and mousse, with fine bubbles rising slowly. A nose of sweet and sour cherries with fresh pear. Delicate fruit on the palate, elegant, and showing great finesse and brightness. Great vibrant mouth-feel with raspberry notes, tropical nuances leading to a bright long, lingering finish.

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Pieter is chairman of the Cap Classique Producers Association and both he and Ann have always been passionate about bubbly. Pieter has been instrumental at Graham Beck for decades and his dedication and craftsmanship has seen him reap countless high profile awards both locally and abroad.

The first vintage of Pieter Ferreira Cap Classique was released in 2019.







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