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  • Scions of Sinai ‘Cervantes’ | New Releases 2023

    SCIONS OF SINAI 'CERVANTES'New Vintage 2023 Ex Animo Wine Co is delighted to bring you the latest release from the Scions of Sinai label of Stellenbosch by winemaker Bernhard (Bernie) Bredell. As a 7th generation winemaker, Bredell is not only a skilled and conscientious in the cellar, but his knowledge of, and shall we say [...] More
  • Ex Animo Workshop | Pinotage

    EX ANIMO WORKSHOP | PINOTAGEDebate | Discussion | Tasting David Clarke, Director of Ex Animo Wine Co, will host a panel discussion and tasting with two leading producers from Stellenbosch on the state of Pinotage wine in South Africa today. Joining David in this multifaceted discussion around all things ‘Pinotage’ are: -    Bernhard Bredell [...] More
  • Scions of Sinai | Vintage 2022

    Bernhard's Grandfather, Koos Bredell, in today's Féniks vineyard circa 1976 SCIONS OF SINAIVintage 2022 We are very excited to announce that the new vintage 2022 releases from Scions of Sinai are ready to release. Scions of Sinai wines mainly focus on curating uniquely located vineyards of the Lower Helderberg region (southeast of Stellenbosch) around a [...] More
  • Scions of Sinai New Releases

    SCIONS OF SINAISpring 2022 ReleasesAtlantikas | Señor Tallos | Nomadis The SCIONS OF SINAI new releases are here and are available to order. Bernhard Bredell is one of the most passionate wine people we have come across in our 20+ years in the industry. His thirst for information and knowledge on wine, vineyards and viticulture [...] More
  • Scions of Sinai | Vintage 2021

    SCIONS OF SINAIVintage 2021 The new vintage 2021 Scions of Sinai wines from Bernhard Bredell have been released. Bernhard Bredell grew up in a wine farming family, on their (previously owned) farm, Helderzicht, in the Lower Helderberg region of Stellenbosch. The Bredells farmed wine for over 160 years – 7 generations – and essentially was [...] More
  • Scions of Sinai New Releases November 2021

    Atlantikas - Señor Tallos - Nomadis The new wines from Scions of Sinai have arrived! 2021 marks the 5th vintage of Scions of Sinai, with the wines becoming more nuanced and detailed every year. In our opinion Bernhard Bredell is currently producing some of the most exciting wines in Stellenbosch. A previous winner of Tim [...] More
  • NEW RELEASES takeover @ Culture Wine Bar

    Cape Town: Come and try all our new releases Join us at Culture Wine Bar in central Cape Town next Wednesday 10th February from 5pm to try our new releases - they will be serving them all by the glass and by the bottle. See you there. (We are organising a Johannesburg date also, details [...] More
  • Winemakers’ favourite wines (that aren’t their own)

    In the spirit of camaraderie with the greater South African wine scene, we asked each of our winemakers their favourite South African wine (that isn't their own). Some of them chose perennial favourites, while others chose recent wines they had enjoyed or been surprised by. It has resulted in a list of wines that should [...] More
  • Updates from the Winelands before harvest 2021

    Please find below a few updates from some of our producers regarding the upcoming harvest... Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to keep up to date with all that we do. Jeanine Craven, of CRAVEN View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ex Animo Wine Co. (@exanimowineco) Jocelyn Wilson, of [...] More
  • Scions of Sinai | Bredell & Clarke – the new wines of Bernhard Bredell

    The exciting releases just keep coming! We have five new wines made by Bernhard Bredell that are now available - three Scions of Sinai wines, and two new wines bottled under the '& Clarke' label. Scions of Sinai Bernhard grew up in a wine farming family, on their (previously owned) farm, Helderzicht, in the Lower [...] More
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