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  • New Release: Luddite Wines

    LUDDITE WINESNew Releases Ex Animo presents the new releases from Niels, Penny and Alice Verburg of Luddite Wines in Bot River. " is unlike anything you may encounter from Stellenbosch, Swartland or just about anywhere else."― Christian Eedes, Winemag on Luddite Shiraz Winemaker and second-generation Verburg, Alice has been making wine alongside her father at [...] More
  • Envínate – the past and future of Spanish wine

    ENVINATEThe Past and Future of Spanish Wine Welcome to Envínate (aka wine-yourself). A project of four friends who met while studying oenology at the University of Miguel Hernández in Alicante. They focus on exploring the ancient, Atlantic-influenced terroirs of Ribeira Sacra, The Canary Islands and Almansa. Their philosophy is simple: let each parcel fully express itself through [...] More
  • Julien and Sophie Schaal: New Releases

    JULIEN & SOPHIE SCHAALNew Releases Winemaking duo Julien and Sophie Schaal were in South Africa recently for the 2024 harvest. They impressed us (and the critics!) with wines that are classically executed and just a lot of fun to drink: fresh, vivid and accessible. Julien and Sophie make wines in two hemispheres: Grand Cru Rieslings [...] More
  • Mother Rock Wines | New Releases 2024

    MOTHER ROCK WINESNew Releases JH ‘Stompie’ Meyer is the man behind some of South Africa’s most highly regarded orange wines, and this new release confirms Stompie’s position as captain of the natural wine club (whether he likes it or not).  Natural wine fans will be thrilled with the latest release of Mother Rock Wines - [...] More
  • Craven Wines | Summer Release Vintage 2023

    CRAVEN WINESSummer Release Vintage 2023 The summer release of two Craven wines, the Pinot Gris and the Cinsaut, is an exciting start to the release calendar.  Introducing two exhilarating Stellenbosch wines that are utterly compelling: they deliver on texture and refreshment in equal measure. [Craven] wines tend to have an honesty and authenticity about them, [...] More
  • Restless River | New Releases 2023

    RESTLESS RIVERNew Releases 2023 It is with great excitement that we unveil the latest releases from Restless River. These wines from the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde are renowned (some say revered) for their authentic and honest representation of this site. Craig and Anne Wessels have been making wine at Restless River for almost two decades. Their connection [...] More
  • Alsace riesling wines from Julien Schaal available in South Africa.

    Alsace Grand Cru | Julien Schaal

    We are thrilled to bring two incredible wines to South Africa from the globally renowned winemakers, Julien and Sophie Schaal. The Alsace region is in the northeast of France, at the meeting point with Germany and Switzerland. This historic region has been making fine wines since Roman times, and we are excited to share the [...] More
  • Scions of Sinai ‘Cervantes’ | New Releases 2023

    SCIONS OF SINAI 'CERVANTES'New Vintage 2023 Ex Animo Wine Co is delighted to bring you the latest release from the Scions of Sinai label of Stellenbosch by winemaker Bernhard (Bernie) Bredell. As a 7th generation winemaker, Bredell is not only a skilled and conscientious in the cellar, but his knowledge of, and shall we say [...] More
  • Lourens Family Wines | New Releases

    LOURENS FAMILY WINESNew Releases We are proud to present the latest releases from Franco Lourens of Lourens Family Wines. This boutique family-run project, though small, is making a big impact both in South Africa and internationally.   Franco jokes that he is a lazy winemaker and lets the grapes do all the work but hearing him [...] More
  • Spioenkop Wines | New Releases 2023

    SPIOENKOP WINESNew Releases We are proud to announce that Koen Roose of Spioenkop Wines has released a range of excellent wines from the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 vintages. Koen has faced huge challenges since his car accident in April 2022. It is great to see him back in the vineyards and the cellar. Spioenkop [...] More
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