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Beeslaar Chardonnay 2022


An expression of Chardonnay that captures the pure essence of this esteemed grape variety. The grapes, sourced from vineyards nestled in amixture of shale and high-altitude granitic soils, contributed a uniqueopulence and refinement to the wine. The wine unfolds with aromaticscents of tart green apple, luscious peaches, and invigorating citrus fruits,complemented by a subtle mineral essence. The moderate alcohol, alongwith a gentle thread of acidity that weaves through the impeccably balancedcore, result in a palate-pleasing and refreshing conclusion.

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Award-winning winemaker, Abrie Beeslaar, has been the winemaker at Kanonkop since 2002 and due to go solo in late 2024. His love of South Africa’s unique grape variety, Pinotage, led him to establish his own brand, Beeslaar, in 2011. ‘I guess one could argue that I didn’t pick Pinotage – instead, it picked me,’ says Abrie. Beeslaar is a family-run business, producing a single, high-end Pinotage. The grapes are sourced from a 2.5-hectare vineyard of old bush vines in the Simonsberg region and the wine produced is a true expression of its terroir.








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