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Fick, Bredell & Clarke Syrah 2019


Sexy Stellenbosch Syrah from Coenie Fick’s farm in the lower Helderberg, made be Bernhard Bredell (Scions of Sinai) we love it. This is a very different wine to Berhard Bredell’s syrah, the Swanesang, but we have room in our hearts for both. Intense and primary, but far from simplistic. The 400L oak vats have given this wine a classic structure without being domineering.

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This ‘& Clarke’ wine was made by Bernhard Bredell (Scions of Sinai) in 2019. Bernhard felt it didn’t fit in with his vision for the Scions of Sinai label, but we loved it, so asked him to bottle them for us. These wines show a different side to the vineyards that Bernhard loves so much. Our wines have the Grape Grower’s and the Winemaker’s name on the label before ours.







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