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TESTALONGA El Bandito ‘I Am The Ninja’ 2023


Chenin Blanc Method Ancestral

The same vineyard used for Keep On Punching.

Hand-harvested then pressed and held in Stainless steel tank for about 25-30days at 4 degrees Celsius. After racking to remove the sediment and get the juice as clear as possible the tank is slowly warmed up to start ferment.. At a sugar of 35g/l it was bottled under crown cap where it was left to finish fermentation and build up a natural pressure of carbon dioxide. After 10 months the bottles were riddled and disgorged and topped with the same wine (from other decanted bottles) and crown capped again. No SO2 was ever added to the wine and neither was any settling or fining agent.

RS: 14g/l | TA: 6g/l

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The wines of TESTALONGA defy convention in a lot of ways. Craig has never been accused of being “a follower” and these wines represent the avant-garde of South African wine. The fruit is farmed by Craig and his team using organic and biodynamic methods. Craig is proud of making natural wines, thus early picking, a lack of additions (minute amounts of SO2 are infrequently used) with no fining or filtration are all hallmarks of his approach. They have bought a farm in the Piketberg area in northern Swartland, and have started to plant vines as of 2018.







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